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We are committed to help clients buy and sell CNC machines.


Back in 2003, I got in the industry with the local Mazak distributor out of Florida. Although I had no manufacturing experience, I was offered the job selling used CNC equipment.

When I started, it was overwhelming how much pain and suffering manufacturers felt with China taking our manufacturing jobs. I was a young man having many conversations about the struggle of competing in a changing global economy.

Over my career, I have always had a calling to help American manufacturers update their technology to help them compete.


I have realized that manufacturers need help finding technology tools for the job with limited budget. So many of our clients are constantly trying to create margin without having to spend hundreds of thousands in new CNC machine tools.

used samsung cnc

David Wilkes cleaning a Samsung CNC right after refurbishmentOur warehouse (a 12,000 Sq Ft facility)  is located just north of Orlando FL warehouses all the top used CNC brands. All of our inventory is properly checked, serviced and prepared prior to shipping your CNC machine. Our mission is to help American manufacturers update their manufacturing technology.

Based in Sanford Florida, we aim to provide small and large shops with top quality CNC machines at a fair price. Each of our used CNC machines are carefully evaluated by one of our CNC experts in order to offer a fair price and quality you can trust. By offering affordable used CNC machines to America’s machinists, we are helping to rebuild our nation’s economy. We work with shop dealers to find the perfect used CNC machine for any operation, large or small. With our hassle free, upfront pricing, buying a used CNC machine has never been easier or safer! Simply choose the machine that fits your needs and budget, that’s it! No negotiating or hidden fees. We ship directly to your shop so that you can start making chips right away!

Looking for a used CNC machine for your business? Look no further than our vast selection of used CNC machines. We offer everything from Mazak 5 axis lathes, to Haas vertical milling machines. Our trained professionals give each used CNC machine a full inspection and a deep, cleaning to ensure flawless performance. We offer up front and hassle-free pricing so that you can get your new CNC machine in your shop and running without the headache.

Does your shop have surplus CNC machines? You are in luck! We buy used CNC machines, and it has never been easier to sell! Use our drop and click menu to choose the make and model CNC machine you would like to sell and submit the form to have your used machine inspected and evaluated. Our CNC experts use our point by point checklist to make sure you get the best value for your used CNC machine. All of our used CNC machines are disassembled, cleaned and restored, to be resold to CNC machinists across the country.

Types of CNC Machines We Sell

CNC Lathes

Our vast selection of used CNC lathes is the best in the business! We offer top quality brands such as Haas CNC, DMG Mori Seiki, Okuma, Fadal, Samsung, Doosan, Tsugami, Star, and Citizen. We offer 2 axis CNC lathes, 3 axis CNC lathes, 4 axis CNC lathes, 5 axis CNC lathes, Swiss CNC lathes, and vertical turret lathes. Each CNC lathe is inspected, deep cleaned and restored to peak performance. Each machine is ready to run in a production environment upon assembly.

CNC Mills

Just like our lathes, our used CNC mill selection is the best in the business! We offer a wide variety of used CNC mills. Our vertical machining centers are available in 4 axis or 5 axis as well as high speed machining models. In addition, we offer horizontal machining centers, horizontal boring mills, and other CNC mills and drills. We carry all of the top CNC machine

manufacturers such as; Haas CNC, DMG Mori Seiki, Okuma, Fadal, Samsung, Doosan, Tsugami, Star, and Citizen.

Other Machines

In addition to CNC lathes and CNC mills, we offer a variety or other used CNC machines. Some of the other CNC machines we have listed include; Shopbot and other brand CNC routers, optical comparators, CMM probe and measurement machines, surface grinders, 3D printers, CNC parts, tools and workholding, and many more to brows.

Our CNC Warehouse

Tim Thornburry

Tim Thornburry at CNC Machines Warehouse

Our warehouse located in Sanford Florida is home to our used CNC machine inventory. At any given time we have up to 50 used CNC machines being cleaned, restored and optimized so that they can be sent out to America’s machine shops.

Most used CNC machine dealers don’t ever touch the CNC machines, and instead focus on the transaction and shipping. What sets us apart is our 12,000 sq foot warehouse, where inside we are hard at work tuning our used CNC machines to perfection. It is our goal to provide the entrepreneurial manufacturer with the best customer experience when they are ready to buy a used CNC machine for their business. At our Florida warehouse, we are able to carefully inspect each and every used CNC machine to ensure the best possible performance. When buying a used CNC machine from CNCmachines.net, you can trust that our team at our Florida warehouse has done their job to make your job easy.

Why Trust Our Used CNC Machines

CNC experts

Every used CNC machine we sell has been painstakingly evaluated by a team of our CNC experts. Our team of knowledgable CNC technicians cleans and restores each used machine to its original condition. You can trust our talented team of professionals to provide you and your business with the used CNC machine that you need to produce top quality machined parts in house.

American owned and operated

Haas CNC VF2

Shipping a Haas VF2 to a machine shop in New York

Our philosophy is to provide the American machine shop with top quality CNC machines. By providing American machine shops with the quality tools they need, we aim to aid in the restoration of our nation’s economy. Each CNC machine we sell is a step towards a brighter future for American manufacturing as a whole. We only supply our customers with CNC machines that have been finely tuned by our team of expert technicians. Assisted by our team of highly trained customer service agents, we offer a stress free buying experience for any shop looking to expand their scope of in house CNC machining.

Hassle free pricing

Each CNC machine has its own unique history as well as its own unique bumps and bruises, but that doesn’t mean buying a used CNC machine needs to be a headache! Our up front pricing and hassle free buying system makes buying a used CNC machine for your small or large shop quick and easy. We put in the work making sure all of our used CNC machines are clean and smooth running so that you can start making chips!

Expert Guidance in Buying & Selling Process

Buying a used CNC machine has never been easier! Our easy to use website offers a wide array of CNC mills, CNC lathes, and other CNC machines. All you need to do is choose from our many available used CNC machines for sale to find the perfect machine to fit your operation. We have a team of knowledgable customer service agents ready and waiting to help you find exactly the machine you are looking for. Forget all the hidden costs, hassle and headache of buying a used CNC machine anywhere else. CNCMachines.net is the only place to find hassle free, up front pricing. We allow you to see how much each machine costs without requesting a quote, so that you can shop quickly and easily for your next CNC machine. You don’t need to wait for a quote when you buy milk, eggs or cheese, so why should buying a used CNC machine be any more complicated. With us, it is simple!

We Buy CNC Machines

We want to buy your surplus used CNC machines! It has never been easier to sell your used CNC equipment than it is now right on CNCMachines.net! First, go to our “Sell Your CNC” tab and fill out the valuation form provided. This only takes 1 minute to fill out! We ask for basic information about your used CNC machine such as make, year and model. Once you have submitted your form, expect correspondence from our CNC experts to schedule a machine inspection. We will send out one of our CNC experts to verify the mechanical integrity of your CNC machine. Once your machine has been valued and inspected, it is time for you to get paid! We can pay by check or direct deposit. Payment usually occurs the day after inspection. Lastly, the machine needs to be shipped out. Follow our shipping guides to ensure that your CNC machine makes it safely without incident to its new home. Selling your used CNC machine has never been easier!

We help you choose the perfect CNC Machine

What type of parts are you making?

When choosing your CNC machine, the first point to consider is the parts you will be making.

CNC lathes are designed for producing cylindrical parts from bar stock. A CNC lathe is simple and highly efficient, though limited to cylindrical parts. CNC mills are more versatile and complex. A CNC mill is the tool of choice for most part types and can be used to cut hole patterns, pockets, contours, surfaces, etc. Some parts cannot be cut any other way and require a special machine. 5 axis CNC mills are the only choice when looking to machine complex parts with undercuts with speed and precision.

A CNC mill or CNC lathe can prove invaluable for any machine shop, tool maker, or production operation.

What type of volume are you looking to produce?

How often will you run your CNC machine? It is important to factor in the volume of work your CNC machine will be doing. More volume means more wear and tear. Rigid and resilient components found on our CNC machines for sale are largely important when outfitting a high output machine shop.

CNC lathes are excellent at producing parts extremely quickly due to their simple design and rigid construction. They offer very high part yield and can be equipped with bar feeders and live tooling as well as other upgrades to provide even higher level machining. A CNC lathe is an ideal tool for the machine shop looking for a CNC machine that can run longer without operators.

How much Space do you currently have?

Even small shops can utilize CNC machines! Tool makers or any shop looking for a multi functional tool can utilize a CNC mill or CNC lathe. Our CNC mills are one of the most versatile tools in the world of machining, and can produce most any part with speed and precision. Maximize the potential of a small or large space by adding a CNC machine, for sale from us!