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9 Quick Tips How To Get Your CNC Machine Ready For Sale

9 Quick Tips Hot to Get Your CNC Ready for Sale

Getting Your Used CNC Machine Ready for Sale

We have put together 9 quick tips to get your CNC Machine ready for sale and help maximize value and lower the timeframe to sell your used CNC machine. If you are in the beginning stages of getting your CNC machine ready for the used market, these 9 quick tips will help you get it ready. Follow these steps for the best chance at selling it for a great price. For more information on how to sell your used CNC machine, check out ourĀ “How to sell your CNC machine” article.

9 Quick Tips to get Your CNC Machine Ready for Sale:

  1. Remove all the metal chips from machining are on the bottom of the machine and chip pan area.
  2. Clean it with degreaser and terry cloth inside and out from top to bottom.
  3. Clean windows with paper towels and window cleaner.
  4. Use a green scotch brite pad to shine up the way covers and table.
  5. Get the hours of the machine and take a photo.
  6. Take 8-12 great photos Front, Sides,Inside area, Electrical cabinet, Control.
  7. Get a good video of it running showing axis moving, spindle, tools changing and walk around machine.
  8. Review similar year, make and models for comparison list price.
  9. Contact a trusted used CNC dealers for price suggestions from sell ranges and suggested retail price.

How to Clean Your CNC Machine to Sell It

Here is a fantastic video from our YouTube channel, where Curt Doherty illustrates how to clean your CNC machine. Curt shows you how to get top dollar for your used CNC machine simply by cleaning it the right way. The more time and effort you put in, the more you get out!

These tips will help increase your changes of selling and getting a good value for your used cnc machine. Depending on the age and condition always plays a major factor and demand for your time of CNC Machine.
The majority of the CNC buyers market today want 15 years old and newer while sticking with the major brands such as Mazak, Haas, Doosan, DMG Mori, Okuma and a few others.

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