5 Axis CNC Lathes

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5 Axis CNC Lathes

5 Axis CNC Lathes have both turning and milling operation in one CNC machine.  Full turning and machining capacity allows a machinist to finish a complete manufactured part in one operation.  This results in less handling of parts and shorter cycle times.

This all one one concept is highly desired and offers full functionality in both turning and machining.  All of the major manufacturing brands believe their 5 Axis CNC Lathes are the flagship of the product line and offer the most advanced capabilities with additional programming features.

The full 5th Axis commonly finish parts in one operation and is often used in highly sophisticated machine shops.  Although these machines come with big investment commitments, our clients have discovered we can provide this benefit for less by exploring Used 5 axis CNC Lathe options on our website. Research more used 5 Axis CNC machines and contact one of our experts to see if any of these used 5 Axis CNC machines will work for your application.

What is a 5 Axis CNC Lathe?

The 5 Axis CNC lathe is very different than a 5 Axis CNC mill. The 5 Axis Lathe is a combination of both turning and milling machining process. These machines are highly sophisticated and can complete a large variety of parts in one operation. A typical 5 Axis CNC lathe process will start with turning the part initially with finishing milling operation both on and off centerline completing the most complicated Y Axis movements. For more details, contact one of our 5 Axis CNC experts and we can help answer your questions.

Who makes the best 5 Axis CNC lathe?

The top 5 axis brands we see in the market today are Haas, Mazak, DMG Mori Seiki, Doosan, Star, Citizen, Tsugami and Okuma. Each brand has it’s advantages and disadvantages. We carry all these 5 axis cnc machines and can help answer your questions and concerns. Feel free to browse our used 5 Axis cnc machines with prices.

6 Tips how to buy a used 5 Axis CNC Lathe.

  • Research the top brands and opinions online.
  • Call the new distributor about service and support.
  • Get hours and maintenance history.
  • Have a qualified CNC tech inspect the 5 axis machine.
  • Check repeatability and accuracy in all 5 axis.
  • Find out materials and production history.