Mazak QTN250MS



Mazak QTN250MS [2005]

Specifications for Mazak QTN250MS:
Bar Capacity 3.03″
Spindle Speed 4,000 RPM
Center Distance 10″
Swing 26.5″
Spindle Motor 35 HP
Speed 4500 RPM
Nose A2-8

Equipped with:
ATS Collet Chuck TL-S35 or 10″ Chuck
6″ Chuck on Sub Spindle
High Power Coolant 118psi
Auto Parts Catcher
STD Chip Conveyor Side Exit (Mayfran)
LNS Barfeed
Signal Light
ATS Collet Chuck TL-S35
Spindle Bore 3.185″ w assortment of liners and collets
2 Left Turning Holders
1 Right Turning Holder
1 Right Facing Holder
1 Cut off Holder
1 Live Horizontal Holder
1 Boring Bar Holder
1 Parts Ejector

Product Auto ID:  2415


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