DMG Mori NHX6300


DMG Mori Seiki NHX6300 is the latest in 600mm HMC technology. This machine allows you to save 6 figures and yet still have the latest technology in 4 axis CNC machining. Call our office today to set up an inspection.



DMG Mori NHX6300, Used 2014 HMC

Specifications for DMG Mori NHX6300

Pallet Size                                       24.8″ X 24.8″
X-Axis Travel                                   41″
Y-Axis Travel                                   35″
Z-Axis Travel                                   40″
Table Indexing                                 Full 4th Axis
Spindle Motor                                   50 HP
Spindle Taper                                   50
Speed (Spindle)                               8,000 RPM
Rapid Traverse Rate                          2,362 IPM
Auto Tool Change Capacity              60 ATC
Max Tool Weight                              66 LBS.
Machine Weight                               38,400 LBS

Equipped with:

M-730BM CNC Control
Full 4th Axis
Chip Blaster Unit
Chip Conveyor

Product Auto ID:  2313

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