Agie Charmilles CUT 20P

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EDM Machining is the process of using electrical discharge where sparks are used to machine and material is removed. The process of EDM machining is amazing to watch and can be very expensive when investing in this technology. Agie Charmilles created the cut 20 CNC edm machine years ago and has been know in the market as a really high quality 5 axis cnc edm machine. Cost to buy this 5 axis EDM machine can be in the hundreds of thousands. We just picked up this 2010 agie 5 axis and priced for less than half of what a new one sells for. Come see it this 5 Axis EDM Machine on our floor near Orlando FL for a demo and save tens of thousands.

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Used EDM

Specifications for:

Agie Charmilles CUT 20P

Table Size: 27.55″ x 18.89″
Max Workpiece Size: 32.38″ x 26.77″ x 9.84″
Max Workpiece Weight: 882 LBS
X Axis Travel: 13.8″
Y Axis Travel: 9.8″
Z Axis Travel: 9.8″
U/V Axis Travel: +/- 1.77″
Wire Diameters: .006″ – .012″
Wire Spool Size: 11lbs
Water Tank Capacity Clean: 53 Gal
Water Tank Capacity Dirty: 159 Gal
Machine Weight 6,613lbs
Machine Size 99″ x 99″ x 87″

Equipped with:

Agie Charmilles CNC Windows Graphic for Conversational Control
Auto Wire Threading
Submerged Cutting
XY Glass Scales
UVZ Encoder
High Speed Generator
Integrated Collision Protection
Advantage Electric Chiller

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