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Everything you need to know about CNC Machines

Everything you need to know about CNC Machines

History of CNC Machines

CNC Machines started like many parts of pre-computers during the 1950’s.

The original CNC Machine was a punched tape system that controlled the machine tool movement.

These original CNC Machines from the 1950’s – 1970’s we’re very limited in comparison today’s standard CNC Machine technology.
During the late 1970’s and 1980’s computer controlled technology evolved and integrated itself with tool changing capabilities.

This allowed the program to complete its cycle and process allowing less interruption and interference from a machinist.
Still the technology was expensive and programming was difficult for the average manufacturer.

During the 1990’s Mazak became the largest seller of CNC Machines selling billions annually worldwide.
They created the conversational control which helped the machinist to program the machine much easier allowing the CNC to predetermine speeds and feeds.
The average short run CNC Machine shop could now easily set up and program in a fraction of the time while producing the part quickly in comparison to manual machining.

This was a huge advantage and was the first major advancement that allowed sales to skyrocket.
The `1990’s was the biggest decade in CNC Machine sales and kept its momentum over the last 30 years.

History of CNC Machines

Description of CNC Machines

Modern CNC Machines is a computer controlled manufacturing machine with tool movements in 3 – 5 Axis cutting

Bending, Laser, 3D printing material to a finished product.

CNC is a short abbreviation for the term Computer Numeric Control.
The Numeric is positioning and measuring process which the computer is in controlling the tool path and machining process.

What do CNC Machines Cut?

CNC Machines can cut a variety of materials.

The most common materials are metals such as aluminum and steels.
However every type of metal has been been cut on a CNC machine.
Also including wood, plastics, ceramics and even human bone!. (so gross)

CNC Machines are designed to cut the toughest materials on the planet
and combined with complex engineered tooling for optimum performance and cost savings.

What do CNC Machines cut

Modern CNC Machines today and the future of CNC Machines

Today CNC Machines have become cost effective, fast processes and cutting give the advantage to the technology over cheap overseas labor.
Our politicians believe re-shoring has to do with taxes and policies, the reality is these factors have an effect.

The reality is the high technical jobs are reshoring and the old labor intensive work is not.

Today’s competitive advantage.goes to the manufacturing companies utilizing the CNC technology properly with quality control and limited labor cost.

In fact if you really think about it? Having American companies producing products in a country on the opposite side of the world,
then shipping those products back to the United States to be sold is not a good solution of many reasons.

We will look back at the early 2000’s and believe this concept is ridiculous when the technology drives the cost low
and we no longer have to share our American trademarks and advanced processes.

The only technology the world has not seen change much is shipping cargo.
The boats have become larger, but they still go the same speed.
The time it takes to ship abroad is consuming and will one day be recognized as one way,
but not necessarily the best and cheapest way.

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