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So what is a CNC Machine anyway?

So what is a CNC Machine anyway?

So what is a CNC Machine anyway? CNC Machine is PC controlled manufacturing machine used in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Agriculture, Military and many more production metal cutting processes. CNC Machine is responsible for producing the majority of the worlds goods. Here are 5 fun facts about CNC Machines to help you learn more about Modern Manufacturing.

  • CNC MACHINE is a computer controlled machine that can cut, bend or shape material in the manufacturing process.
  • The term “CNC” is an abbreviation for “Computer Numeric Control”.
  • Computer Numerical Control  operates tools paths to produce 3D part.
  • Most CNC Machines today are automated and can finish a product in one operation.
  • The most common CNC Machines are machining centers and turning centers.

Here are the most popular types of “CNC Machines”

  1. CNC Lathes
  2. CNC Mills
  3. CNC Swiss Machines
  4. CNC EDM
  5. CNC Water Jet
  6. CNC Laser
  7. CNC Plasma
  8. CNC Router
  9. CNC Tube Bender
  10. CNC Brake Press
  11. CNC Punch Press
  12. CNC Grinder
  13. 3D Printing

Here are the 10 most popular CNC Machine brands

  1.  Haas CNC Machine
  2. Mazak CNC Machine
  3. Doosan CNC Machine
  4. DMG Mori Seiki CNC Machine
  5. Okuma CNC Machine
  6. Fadal CNC Machine
  7. Samsung CNC Machine
  8. Star CNC Machine
  9. OKK CNC Machine
  10. Makino CNC Machine


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